Information for those with disabilities


Parking – we have an area reserved for those requiring assistance. This is in a field and although the grass is cut short,
we appreciate that it is not ideal terrain. From the car park to the road is around 100 metres and
it a further 150 metres to the site entrance. You do not need to join the queue.

Drop off – as an alternative to using the car park, a drop off point is located at the bottom of the road leading to the
event entrance. It is approximately 200 metres from the bottom of the road to the site entrance on tarmac up a gradient.

Disabled area – the sectioned off area is 20 metres from the site entrance with sight lines down to the stage.
An area in front of the disabled section will be cordoned off to avoid people standing and blocking the view.

Viewing platform – a viewing platform is provided for those with disabilities and one carer on a first come basis.
We cannot guarantee a space on the platform.

Seats – seats are available on request.

Loos – 2 wheelchair accessible loos are located within the sectioned off area.

Stewarding – stewards are on hand to make sure none else uses the facilities.

Staff – we have at least 2 staff in this area to assist. They will be wearing bright
PATP t-shirts and are there to help in any way they can.

Programmes – complimentary programmes are available on request.

We do give consideration to those coming to our event with disabilities however there is only so much we can do
on an agricultural site so we will never be able to match the facilities of a modern purpose built venue.